God Calls Sinners!

St-AugustineEven the greatest of sinners can become the greatest of saints. This is what happened with St. Augustine. He wandered far from God and far from faith. Through the prayers of his mother, St. Monica, his own openness and a huge dose of God’s grace, this great sinner had one of the most storied conversions in the history of our faith and became one of the greatest saints the world has even seen.

Look at St. Paul, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis of Assisi. They are all sinners-turned saints. They are proof that we should never give up on anyone! God is definitely calling the sinners around us (and, yes, the sinner in ourselves) to conversion. He may be inviting those sinners to another calling as well. God calls sinners! He wants to use the sinful, the weak and the lowly to manifest His glory.

So as you pray for vocations, don’t forget to see the people around you in the way God does. Perhaps He is calling even the sinners in our midst to a life of service in the Church. Be like St. Monica and never give up hope. Be fervent in prayer!


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