Deacon Matthew Rawson

Home Parish: Our Lady of Hope, Syracuse
Year in Formation: Theology IV
Place: St.Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food:
Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream
Favorite Song: Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver
Favorite hymn: O God Beyond All Praising
Favorite Gospel story:
The Prodigal Son
Favorite Saint:
St. Therese of Lisieux
What’s your opinion on cats? They are unpredictable creatures that con you into thinking they are sweet and cuddly. Other than that, they are ok!
What’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited? 
Zion National Park in Utah
If you could go one place in the world, and money were not an option, where would it be? Macchu Picchu in Peru
Night owl or morning person? Night owl, but I wish I were a morning person!
What is your favorite church in the Diocese of Syracuse? Most Holy Rosary in Syracuse
What surprised you most about your first day at seminary? That all the men were not completely “set” on being a priest
What do you look forward to most about priesthood? Being able to celebrate Mass
What advice would you give to someone discerning priesthood?
Listen, Pray, Respond! Spend some time in prayer each day away from all distractions, invite God into your heart and into your life each day, and be ready to go where God calls you.


How did you get to this point?

I decided to enter seminary in my third year of college. The beginning of my own discernment began in my third year of high school. During this time, I was involved in my parish as a cantor and a Eucharist Minister. I spoke to the vocation director at the time and he pointed me to a discernment group which met on a monthly basis. This group typically met at a rectory for evening prayer, Holy Hour and dinner. During dinner, there was time for Q&A with the priests or deacons who were assigned to the parish. I began talking with other guys in the group who were considering entering seminary and began to see that they were asking the same questions I was. So, long story short, I continued going to this discernment group for about 3 years until I was finished with my first year at Onondaga Community College. During my second year in college, I applied to the Syracuse diocese and was accepted to continue my college studies in New York City in a college seminary program. I would not say that it was an easy decision. A lot of prayer, speaking to other priests and seminarians, as well as discernment went into my decision. The one piece of advice I will give is continue to pray and listen to God, and be ready to respond to where ever he calls you.

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