Online Vocation Lessons

Highlights of the Online Vocation Lessons:onlinevoc

  • One unit per grade
  • Can be taught as a unit or stand-alone lessons
  • Every grade has six elements:
  1. A lesson on Marriage
  2. A lesson on Priesthood
  3. A lesson on Religious Life
  4. A lesson on Discernment (or “God’s Call”)
  5. Assessment (homework or test)
  6. Family Feature
  • 100% online at
  • Works on smart boards, tablets, and   phones
  • Printable PDFs available for every lesson   both teacher version and student version


Goals for the Online Lessons

  1. Understand that holiness is the first vocation
  2. Thoroughly understand each vocation
  3. Have the tools to discern God’s call later in life
  4. Be open to God’s will

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