Priesthood Ordination of Matthew Lyons

Deacon Matt Lyons’ Ordination ReflectionLyons

As he prepares to be ordained a priest on June 3, 2017, Deacon Matt Lyons took time to answer a few questions for the Communication Office of the Diocese of Syracuse.  See the article and video interview below.


What’s the past year been like for you?

This was my last year of seminary so I knew God was
going to continue to prepare me for the priesthood in a
more immediate way. In years past I knew I would be
going back to the seminary the next year, but this time
there was a stronger sense of looking ahead to what is
coming. I do not think there is a way to fully prepare for
ordination perfectly and priesthood leading up to it other than to stay close to the Lord in prayer and be open to whatever graces He wishes to give me in this time. Right now, in the weeks before ordination, it can feel like I am standing in a doorway…

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Please join us at Holy Cross Church in Dewitt for the Priesthood Ordination of Matthew Lyons.

10:00am on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

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