School Programs

The Catholic high schools of the diocese set up week-long vocation promotion programs. The week includes an opening mass, classroom presentations, after school activities, and a day of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration. Parents, grandparents, and alumni are invited to join us for prayer for vocations in our high schools. Contact the school for exact times and details. The Catholic high schools of the diocese are:

Vocation Team School Associates have been assigned to every Catholic Jr./Sr. High School as well as to every Catholic Elementary School. Each year, an updated version of the list of contacts for the Vocation School Associates and their assigned schools is published and sent directly to the Catholic school administrators throughout the diocese. The school admins or their campus ministers are then encouraged to reach out directly to the Vocation School Associate and schedule their annual visits. Vocation School Associate assigned to our High Schools are asked by the Bishop to celebrate at least one Mass for Vocations for the entire student body after which the School Associates need to make a week-long visit to all grades in the school. Oftentimes, the School Associates can follow the religion class schedule for the week and effectively reach all grades by teaching during religious class for each grade. Vocation School Associates assigned to Elementary Schools are asked to make at least a day-long visit whereby each grade is visited; 15 minutes for grades k-3 and 30 minutes for grades 4-6. Please reach out to Father Hage at directly with any clarifying questions about how to best incorporate your Vocation School Associate into your curriculum.

Elementary and Middle Schools

The diocese have shorter programs at different times throughout the year. The classroom visits include age appropriate stories, activities, as well as question and answer sessions. These programs also encourage our children to seek the will of God in their lives. The hope of the schools program is for the conversation about vocations to continue at home. When your child returns from school after a vocations day visit, be sure to ask about the day. Please visit our Prayer Tools page for ideas for nurturing vocations in the home.

Bishop Grimes,
School Associate:
Rev. Nathan Brooks

Notre Dame,
School Associate: 
Rev. Jason Hage

Christian Brother’s Academy, Syracuse
School Associate: 
Rev. Zach Miller

Bishop Ludden, Syracuse
School Associate:
Rev. Dennis Walker

Seton Catholic Central, Binghamton
School Associate: 
Rev. Ken Kirkman

St. Andrew Dinner

All are welcome to attend the St. Andrew Dinners, which is an initiative sponsored by the Syracuse Office of Vocation Promotion that aims to reach high schoolers who are thinking about the priesthood. The mission of these dinners is to provide a comfortable environment for young men to consider the priesthood as a possible vocation for their lives as well as have the opportunity to meet the bishop in an informal setting. The evenings begin at 5:30pm and will feature prayer, dinner, conversation, vocation stories, and time for Q & A. For more information, please contact Fr. Ken Kirkman, the coordinator of this outreach, at

Fisherman’s Club

FC is an initiative sponsored by the Office of Vocation Promotion that aims to reach college-age and young adult men who are thinking about the priesthood. The mission of “FC” is to build fraternity among young adult Catholic men as well as provide these men with tools for mature discernment of their vocation. For more information, please contact Fr. Nathan Brooks, the coordinator of this outreach, at

Bishop’s Annual Picnic

The Tenth Hour
The Tenth Hour is an evening of dinner, conversation, prayer, and discernment with our bishops, priests, seminarians, and religious sisters from the Diocese of Syracuse.

For all young people open to God’s call in their lives. Especially for young people involved in youth ministry and campus ministry!

Men in Black Softball Game

Each year, members of the vocation team and priests and seminarians of the Diocese of Syracuse face off against adults and youth representing a parish during the Men in Black softball game. The annual game is both a fun activity and a special way to support and raise awareness of vocations. with this YouTube video:


We appreciate your continued prayers.

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