Benjamin Schrantz

I grew up Catholic, but it was only when I went away to a secular college that I was able to grow in the faith. I joined the university’s Newman Center where I met a great bunch of young college age people who were serious about their own faith as well. This community quickly became a second family for me; we prayed together, we ate together, we grew closer to Christ together.

My goal was to go on and get my masters in Library Science; that is what I wanted to do. But through my time at the Newman Center, I started to get the inkling that God had other ideas for me. It was through my experiences at the Newman Center that placed the kernel within my heart that maybe, just maybe, God was calling me down another path.

After graduating from undergrad, I was accepted into the various graduate programs I applied for, but something did not seem right. So I ended up taking some time off from school and went to work full time at my home parish. It was during that time that I really became immersed in parish life, and the idea that God was calling me to “put into the deep” (Luke 5:4) kept coming back – stronger each time.

And before I knew it, I was applying for seminary. It is hard to believe, but I am already in my third year of seminary formation! And I have never been happier! God’s ways are mysterious, but when you allow Him to work in your heart, He will fill your life with an abundance of grace and peace.