Cornelius Deep

It is always interesting to read about one particular moment in which someone then realized what their vocation was, but, for me, it was more of a gradual “knocking at the door.” Growing up, I was involved in my parish as an altar server, part of the youth group, sacristan, and also attended the local catholic school. I also had great priest role models in my life. So, it was natural for the priesthood to be on my mind since I was little. However, it would come and go as I would acknowledge that I might have a vocation to the priesthood, but I wanted to push it away and pursue other things. During the beginning of my Senior year of high school, when I was deciding on what colleges I was going to apply to, by the grace of God, I came across The Catholic University of America in Washington DC. I immediately fell in love when I visited because it was what I was looking for deep down: a chance to be able to really deepen my faith life as well as receive a great education. It was during my freshman year of college at Catholic U that I began to come to terms that God was calling me to the priesthood, and I was beginning to accept this in my heart. During my four years at CUA, I really flourished in my prayer life by attending daily Mass, praying the rosary daily, spiritual direction, and adoration. All of this helped my will conform to God’s will. I am tremendously blessed to be able to study for the priesthood at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary seeking to grow in the four dimensions of formation: spiritual, intellectual, human, and pastoral. Lastly, my one piece of advice for anyone discerning a religious vocation is to spend time in silent prayer because it is only when we step away from the business of the world that we can hear the soft voice of God.