Malachi Clark

Ever since I was three or four years old, I have thought about being a priest. I attended daily Mass with my family, and I thought: “Maybe that’s what I want to do with my life.” I started to seriously discern priesthood when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old, and my desire to become a priest further flowered during my early college years, and I entered seminary in the fall of 2012.

I have had a long and beautiful journey, even during the more difficult times of my vocational journey, such as my journey through cancer and recovery. But always I have been strengthened by the Lord, especially through His abiding Presence in the Eucharist, through the loving intercession of Our Lady and the saints (such as Blessed Solanus Casey) and through the support of God’s people! I love being a deacon, and look forward to the day (God willing), when I will serve this portion of the Lord’s vineyard that is the Diocese of Syracuse as a priest! Please pray for me. I need it. Know I pray for you!