2019-2020 Events & News


St. Andrew Dinners Project has been postponed

Fisherman’s Club has been postponed

There will no longer be a Vocations booth at the the Men’s Conference


FALL 2019

August 26th – 30th – NCDVD 56th Annual Convention August 30th – Packets for Fisherman’s Club were sent out to all pastors, parochial vicars, youth ministers, young adult ministers and campus ministers. 

September 25th & 26th – Spiritual Direction Training 

October 7th – Monday – Fisherman’s Club 

October 17th – Packets for Vocation Awareness Week are sent out to all pastors, parochial vicars, Catholic schools, department heads, campus ministers, youth and young adult ministers, etc. 

October 26th – Saturday – Women’s Conference (Vocations Booth) 

October 28th – Monday – Fisherman’s Club 

November 3rd – 9th – National Vocation Awareness Week 

November 18th – Monday – Fisherman’s Club 

2020 Events

January 5th, 6th, 7th – NYS WINTER DISCERNMENT RETREAT at Christ the King Retreat House 

January 28th – Tuesday – St. Andrew Dinner (Southern Region)

February 3rd – Monday – Fisherman’s Club

February 24th – Monday – Fisherman’s Club

February 25th – Tuesday – St. Andrew Dinner (Eastern Region)

March 23rd – Monday – Fisherman’s Club

March 28th – Saturday – Men’s Conference (Vocation Booth)

March 31st – Tuesday – St. Andrew Dinner (Western & Northern Region)

April 7th – Tuesday – Fisherman’s Club (Seminarian Meet & Greet)

April 20th – Packets for World Day of Prayer for Vocations/ Called by Name Program are sent out to all parishes Month of May – Vocation Promotion Team begin their visitation to Elementary Schools

May 3rd – World Day of Prayer for Vocations

June 5th – Friday – Holy Hour for Vocations


June 6th/7th – Called by Name Program (in all parishes)

July 8th – Wednesday – Fisherman’s Club Summer Cookout

August 2nd – Sunday – Men in Black Softball Game

August 5th – Wednesday – The Tenth Hour (Bishop’s Picnic)


We appreciate your continued prayers.

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